Human Resources

The key fact of success is a “human” for a corporate company. In this respect, as we are Mura Group is aware of team working importance and recognizes our employees as member of our family.
We conscious of applying clear and fair administration policy as coming their loyalty into prominence are main criteria of preserving and developing our human resources.
Our human resource policy which is created in above mentioned purpose aims to supply human power and use this strength in high performance and ensure its continuity toward to our company’s strategic plan and targets.

Our Human Resource Policy

  • Bringing in right people to our company in purpose of corporate targets regardless of age, gender, language, religion, and ethnic group.
  • Giving required trainings and educations to the our employees towards corporate targets
  • Awarding accomplish employees in accordance with the performance criteria of our company.
  • Providing both tangible and intangible legal rights of our employees in a right time as it should be.
  • Creating a suitable working environment as developing in-house communication.
  • Taking all precautions related to labor safety in accordance with the legal regulations and manufacturing as attaching an importance on occupational safety.

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